Meditation Week 4

Last week may have felt like a blur. January is moving right along and February is fast approaching. Getting into week 4 and things are just as bizarre in the world as ever. It is interesting how we can countdown to a new beginning and allow that energy to only exist for a season. We experience new everyday…how we ended up with celebrating under certain circumstances blows my mind.

So who are the celebration police? I wonder do people feel as if the magic of “new” is lessened if celebrated too often? This week consider how and what you celebrate at work. Maybe you work in an environment where morale is low and a bit of acknowledgement and validation…genuine validation and affirmation can make the difference in how someone works and how it feels to work with them. Enjoy this weeks affirmations and look for ways to celebrate yourself and your team bringing additional truth and because it feels good to be surrounded by people who are doing their best.

Weekly Classes

Monday : Meditation | 9am- 9:30am CST | Philosophy

Monday: CARE | Hatha Yoga for beginners | 6:30pm – 7pm CST

Wednesday : Meditation | 9am- 9:30am CST | Divine Storytime

Friday: Meditation | 9am- 9:30am CST | ( substitute )

Work Affirmations

Mon | 01/25 “It is effortless to acknowledge those who are doing their best in working with me today”

Tues | 01/26 “I am open to observing the many ways my co-workers, administrators and peers acknowledge my contributions”

Wed | 01/27 “Today I celebrate my productivity and efforts”

Thur | 01/28 “I understand the value of a positive word at work and allow myself to share genuine gratitude and appreciation”

Fri | 01/29 “I enjoy giving accolades to my team members for their efforts and provide fair feedback”

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