Meditation Week 3

“Here we go! Happy MLK Day everyone. Freedom is a beautiful thing right? But freedom is also the scariest thing ever. There are these social and cultural rules we follow so that we can learn to live in balance with the wishes of freedom of others. Friends, family and foes alike have the right to access their free will…but it isn’t so karmically delightful when their theories of freedom include harm directed intentionally or not.” This week you may feel like you are bracing or preparing for the energy of those who feel wronged. Not only do they feel wronged they feel free to express that through rage. Their hurt feelings are deeper than feelings. They have deep seeded beliefs watered by fear. In their minds they are predicting the demise of their freedoms and that is worth fighting for.

But is it real? Is what they believe real? Well it kind of doesn’t matter because in the mind we say what is and what isn’t. So in essence their fears are brought to life with their beliefs. This week consider…what misconceptions are your breathing life into? What type of Frankenstein idea has been brought to life only with your effort and conviction? These reflections are valuable this week as we work…they could make the difference between us seeing harm where there is none…and ignoring the harm that we are actually creating. Hope to see you in class this week!

Classes & Workshops

Jan 18th – Meditation (philosophy)| 9am-9:30am

Jan 18th – CARE Yoga for Beginners | 6pm-6:30pm

Jan 20th – Meditation (divine storytime) | 9am-9:30am

Jan 22nd – Meditation (mindful journaling)| 9am-9:30am

Jan 23rd – Mindful Money Workshop | 2pm – 3:30pm

Workday Affirmations

Monday – I celebrate freedom of thought and observe how it feels to listen and share freely when I do not agree

Tuesday – Today I am aware of the words I share freely and observe how they shift the energy of those around me

Wednesday – Today I welcome reflection and open myself to seeing how misinformation I have shared freely impacts others as well as myself

Thursday – I free myself from mental anxiety about the state of the world and the energy of people by turning inward and reminding myself I am bigger than the tensions of the work I have to do today while managing my emotions about everything else unrelated to work

Friday – I free myself from limiting thoughts of believing misinformation, today I seek confirmation, clarity and correct understanding

Poem of the week

No Rack can Torture Me

By: Emily Dickinson

The Eagle of his Nest
No easier divest—
And gain the Sky
Than mayest Thou—

Except Thyself may be
Thine Enemy—
Captivity is Consciousness—
So’s Liberty …

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