Meditation Week 1 2021

Welcome to our first week of the year. The return to work can feel daunting especially for school teachers and families preparing to transition into in person learning here in Chicago where I live. Newness can feel exciting or intimidating. Many of us will soon feel quite similar to our teachers who have had to educate from afar. We all will find new ways of commuting, meeting and executing our jobs. There are the current stressors of the actual work, the new protocols for how to do the work during the pandemic as well as the new way of returning home to watch for illness from commuting and engaging at work. Below are some work week affirmations to help support you, keep you lifted up and shining from the inside out.

Workweek Affirmations

Monday January 4th, 2021 – I prepare myself for my day of work through mindfully planning my day

Tuesday January 5th, 2021- Communication with my colleagues is light hearted and productive

Wednesday January 6th, 2021 – I welcome the middle of the weeks work with enthusiasm

Thursday January 7th, 2021- I am grateful for my talents and skills and take today to display my valuable contributions without judgement

Friday January 8th, 2021- I honestly evaluate my effort at work this past week and identify what worked and didn’t work to inform my perspectives and priorities.


Monday 9:30 am CST – Meditation | Philosophy

Wednesday 9:30 am CST – Meditation | Divine Storytime

Friday 9:30 am CST – Meditation | Mindful Journaling


The work of Happiness By May Sarton

I thought of happiness, how it is woven
Out of the silence in the empty house each day
And how it is not sudden and it is not given
But is creation itself like the growth of a tree.
No one has seen it happen, but inside the bark
Another circle is growing in the expanding ring.
No one has heard the root go deeper in the dark,
But the tree is lifted by this inward work
And its plumes shine, and its leaves are glittering.

So happiness is woven out of the peace of hours
And strikes its roots deep in the house alone:
The old chest in the corner, cool waxed floors,
White curtains softly and continually blown
As the free air moves quietly about the room;
A shelf of books, a table, and the white-washed wall—
These are the dear familiar gods of home,
And here the work of faith can best be done,
The growing tree is green and musical.

For what is happiness but growth in peace,
The timeless sense of time when furniture
Has stood a life’s span in a single place,
And as the air moves, so the old dreams stir
The shining leaves of present happiness?
No one has heard thought or listened to a mind,
But where people have lived in inwardness
The air is charged with blessing and does bless;
Windows look out on mountains and the walls are kind.

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