Happy New You!

Welcome to 2021. As we enter into this new year there may be some things you are excited to explore and some things that still feel a little intimidating. It is ok that you have mixed emotions. Actually it is pretty common. While you may feel a little middle of the road you can still move forward.

Everyday is a new opportunity. January first is not the only new beginning but there is a collective celebration for beginning again. Think about all of the things you have had to start over. Consider how you felt about starting over. Where you excited? Where you nervous? Where you anxious?

How can you hold onto the zeal and positivity of welcoming the new year and bring that into each new day and even each new beginning?

While it is important to have a plan for yourself it is equally important that your plan be reasonable and flexible. Our happiness often wanes with the slightest disturbance. When things go left we claim nothing ever goes right and suddenly we are giving up and giving into our negative thoughts which solidify into beliefs.

Be patient with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Put in your honest effort and if some of your goals shift that is ok.

We don’t have to be so calibrated that we waste our lives goal setting without life loving. You can have the money, the home, the car even a banging body but if your inner happiness isn’t on point…then the rest of this year will fade away and you’ll find yourself waiting for the magic of the new year to inspire your new you once again.

I guess I’m saying…don’t let the magic fade. New year…new month….new week…..new day….new breath…new understandings…new levels of awareness. Don’t forget to celebrate the magic of all things new.

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