This is the final week of classes for 2020 and I’m excited for new beginnings and the work of the week. Monday’s class we continue our connection to the Yoga Sutras


Mon 12/28 – Philosophy

Wed 12/30 – Divine Storytime

Fri 01/01- Special 1 hour free community meditation

Playlist | Poems

I am King- Ray Hodge

Don’t Wish Me Well – Solange

I am everything
– Beautiful Chorus

Sacred Space -India Arie

The Magic Hour – Talib Kweli

Traveling Light – Talib Kweli

Peace of Mind – Lauryn Hill

I am Light- India Arie


By: Erin Elizabeth Casey

What do you want in life?
What is your goal?
Who do you want to be around?
How will you keep your feet on the ground?


Focus on truth and not lies
Look at people straight in their eyes
Get to know who they are on that day
Be careful in the words that you say


Everyone is worthy has a purpose including you
Encourage yourself and others too
God made you to be Christ’s hands and feet
To bring light down here on the street


Your time is limited so take it and run
Enjoy hours, minutes, and seconds under the warm sun
Learn from trials and trouble too
Those things are going to change and mold you


On life
On joy
On love
On being you
And loving others too


Work Week Affirmations

This week’s work is about refocusing and being reminded. As we approach a new year we each have to be willing to let go of things that distract us and bring us down. We also have to be open to maybe…just maybe even when things feel like they are all over the place you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Mon 12/28

“Today I am filled with focus and am not easily distracted”

Tue 12/29

“I use my time wisely and let go of activities that bring me harm”

Wed 12/30

“I practice being present and gift myself rest for my hard work at remaining on task”

Thurs 12/31

“Today is the day I focus on gratitude”

Fri 01/01

“I accept the decisions I have made, and today am filled with awareness of how and if they have served me”

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