Consciously Covid | My Yoga Stayation

Three quarantines have me pulling out all the stops. Mantra, swear words and office idioms like “circling back” are apart of my daily dialect. I couldn’t believe I had made it 120 days in the house with the kids. Covid had seemingly snatched freedoms from me that I neglected to appreciate.

The coolness of the morning breeze getting off of a humid city bus. The lull of open spaces buzzing with passerby’s and the many smells of that help you identify where you are and what time of the day it is. Life began to feel so unfair so after being in isolation and outside began to open up a bit, I opened up to the idea of staying away from the home, the kids and quarantine like a boss.

Checking in to Check out

I packed my Coach duffle, and clicked deal on Priceline. A 4-star hotel was well deserved. The super swaggy Kimpton Hotel gave me exactly what I was looking for. I mean I could have done without the $12 can of soda but I was thirsty and treating myself.

Lunch took me to the Chicago River, after smashing a lobster roll I head back to my hotel to get ready for my evening. I chilled with a tour of the Chicago Tribune condominiums. After being blown away by the view I took my daydreams to Navy Pier where dinner and drinks were coupled with good vibes and my thick thighs.

A night out is one thing, a night away is another. Back to my room I went, I decided to walk it out and enjoy the lights and the warm night.

My upgrade to a river view was just what I needed. My mental health has been challenged with covid-19. The isolation away from friends and family is unique and the responsibilities for caring for others is demanding. Pandemic parenting is next level. I learned some things from prioritizing myself and consciously planning an overnight staycation:

Take it the house

All of the calm that was collected was something I wished to savor. It is so easy to find freedom when outside of stressful situations and sometimes it is necessary to trigger those good vibes. From the kind voices of those checking me in to the amazing shower and cozy accommodations ease-fullness was everywhere.

The morning ride home was bittersweet. School had yet to resume and the kids needed to get to sailing camp. My evening away had been the medicine I never knew I needed.

As a partnerless parent it isn’t easy keeping it all together and I really hope to teach my kids the it is ok to take some time off, it is ok to need some space and it is ok to claim your self care consciously and safely.


Mila K.

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